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Expert & Trusted Locksmith in Melbourne!

Locksmith Coburg

Seeking a good locksmith in Coburg who is an expert in lock fitting and installation?


At “Kelly the Keyman”, we can offer lock fittings for a wide and varied range of different locking products, whether it is a residential, commercial, or industrial application. Lock fittings generally fall into
three categories of doors, namely wooden, metal or glass doors. Every situation has its own challenges, our customers expect the highest quality work and our locksmiths pride themselves on providing our
customers with the best lock fitting results the first time and every time. Inserting locks into various door materials requires careful measurement, sharp tools, and attention to detail. Our team of locksmiths specialize in Lock fitting and installation and are considered best locksmiths in Coburg.

Our Locksmiths have plenty of specialized lock fitting tools to allow us to approach every lock fitting project with the confidence that we can fit new locks to very tight tolerances, this ensures two things, one is that the lock is installed correctly according to the manufacturer’s specifications so that the product does exactly what it is designed to do, which is safe for the door it is mounted on and two, is aesthetic, which means that there are no chips in the wood, gaps around the locking components and the lock is installed cleanly and professionally. When working with metal and glass doors, exact precision is essential as these materials cannot be added back to the door after being drilled or cut. Our locksmiths have skill and experience to ensure that the locks fitted to metal and glass doors are properly fitted first time and finished in perfect condition.


The lock assembly is often required for the physical locking situation when upgrading new locks on an old door is the solution. This is the type of work that our Locksmiths encounter very often. Our mobile workshop offers a full line of new high-quality locks and when a retrofit is needed we can modify the existing door to fit the new lock instead of the old lock, the result is a safe finish and visually pleasing that will last for years. If you have windows that need latches, sliding doors, roller garage doors, or any other access point in your residential, commercial or industrial property that needs locks, call us on 0402664944 to find out how we can provide you with a lock fitting options. Contact us now.