Expert & Trusted Locksmith in Melbourne!
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Expert & Trusted Locksmith in Melbourne!

Residential Locksmith

Based in the Northern Melbourne suburb of Hadfield Victoria. Kelly The Keyman are the #1 locksmith

Automotive Locksmith

Experienced Automotive Locksmith in Melbourne. If you are locked out of your car, ring us for assistace

Emergency Locksmith

If you need a Locksmith in an emergency, Check with us! Kelly the Keyman available 24/7

Locksmith in Melbourne since 1977

When you’re in need of a locksmith, you need someone who can provide a fast, safe and reliable service right? So, who better to provide this service than a company who has been in business as a Locksmith in Melbourne since 1977 ?

At Kelly The Keyman, We have built a reputation of providing the best locksmith services to the people of Hadfield in Melbourne for over 44 years and have solidified ourselves as the 1st company people think of when they need an automotive locksmith, commercial locksmith or even an emergency locksmith in Melbourne.
Whatever the service required, our service and commitment to customer satisfaction will

Locksmith Melbourne
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Automotive Locksmith Melbourne - In Store & On Site Locksmith Services Hadfield

Based in the northern Melbourne suburb of Hadfield Victoria and servicing a wide area with our highly trained, professional team, Kelly The Keyman are the #1 locksmith team to call when you require any one of our many services as a locksmith Hadfield in Melbourne.

Qualified team
Affordable pricing
Quick service
43+ years experience
7000+ projects done
Expert Automotive Locksmith

Whether your keys are locked in your car at the shopping centre on West St in Hadfield, your commercial property/shop front requires increased security or you simply need your car keys reprogrammed, the right choice is to call Kelly The Keyman as your local locksmith Hadfield in Melbourne.

When it comes to locksmith services in Melbourne, experience is everything and Kelly The Keyman has spent over 4 decades at the front of their industry, leading innovations in security technology while servicing our clients with a high standard of professionalism and integrity. With access to all the latest training and equipment, finding a leading locksmith Hadfield in Melbourne is as simple as calling us now!

We understand that confidentiality is important to our clients especially when dealing with a situation as sensitive as changing the locks in your house or having a complete master key system installed into you commercial property, so when you need a locksmith in Hadfield to complete such a task and you call Kelly The Keyman, you can rest assure that all your personal information will remain 100% secure. When you engage our company as a locksmith Hadfield in Melbourne you’re putting your trust into one of the region’s most experienced locksmiths, Kelly The Keyman.

Automotive Locksmith

There are a multitude of reasons as to why you might need an experienced Automotive Locksmith and usually the first thing that comes to mind is getting your keys locked in your car right? We’ve all had it happen to us or at least have been there when it’s happened to someone we know. One minute you’re looking for your keys,100% sure that you have just left them on the table inside or possibly under the couch cushions, the next minute you’re overcome by a wave of panic as you realise your car keys are locked in your car!

It is a terrible feeling we can all recount at some stage however you don’t need to panic, the answer is as easy as reaching out to us, Kelly The Keyman. As your local Automotive locksmith servicing Hadfield, Melbourne and beyond, we provide a large list of automotive locksmith services including, the dreaded situation described above, emergency call outs, locks opened, car key programming, automotive lock repairs and loads more.

Don’t wait in panic, frantically looking for an automotive locksmith in Melbourne when you find yourself locked out of your car, save our phone number to your phone or write in on some paper and put in in your glovebox, because if your ever in a situation where you need a professional, fast and well-priced automotive locksmith, never fear, Kelly The Keyman is here!

Have you been looking for an experienced automotive locksmith to copy, cut, code or reprogramme your car keys? Our extensive experience over the last 44 plus years as a leading locksmith in Hadfield puts us in 1st place when it comes to having a highly skilled team of trained technicians ready, willing and able to code, cut, copy and program most automotive car keys.
Our Automotive locksmiths in Hadfield are experts when it comes to the fine art of cutting new keys from old ones, even if they’re broken! Have your car keys been lost or stolen? Our team will do their absolute best to get you a new set of keys ASAP! Using skilled techniques, our legendary automotive locksmiths will have you back on the road, enjoying your car in no time!
Give us a call now to see for yourself how easy it is to have a second set of car keys made for you! After all, having a spare set of keys might just save you the heartache that comes from losing your car keys or locking them in your car. For your local Automotive Locksmith in Melbourne, call us now!


Expert Locksmith Services Melbourne

24/7 Locksmith Service in Melbourne since 1977


Emergency Locksmith Services Melbourne

It’s an unfortunate fact of life that we are all, someday going to experience a situation where the unthinkable has happened and you need a fast and reliable locksmith in a hurry! And the 1st Emergency Locksmith in Melbourne you should think of is Kelly The Keyman. Why you may ask? Well Kelly The Keyman has been known as a leading and trusted Locksmith in Melbourne since 1977 and any Emergency Locksmith who can say they’ve been around for over 44 years must be doing something right, right?

One of the many things we do right is our prompt and efficient emergency service which is available around the clock! Emergencies don’t always happen in business hours, so our team of expertly skilled locksmithing tradesmen (they are almost super hero-like legends) are standing by and available 365 days a year to help you in the unfortunate event that you ever experience a lockout or break-in.
Be it a residential lockout out or a commercial break-in or any scenario in which you need an Emergency Locksmith in Melbourne, we are here for you and your family!

Has your lock been damaged from an attempted or successful break-in? Have you left the oven on and locked yourself out of the house? Is your lock jammed or the key has broken off inside it? Whatever the situation, if you need an Emergency Locksmith in Melbourne then you need us, you need Kelly The Keyman.  In fact, save our number in your phone right now! You never know when you might need us!
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