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Expert & Trusted Locksmith in Melbourne!

Locksmith Strathmore

Local & reliable locksmith in Strathmore

When it comes to safe installation, repair, maintenance, replacement or opening of the lock, we know how to perform any safe service. At “Kelly the Keyman” ,our team specializes in residential and commercial locksmith services and can undertake a number of security procedures. Whether you need us to repair safes, change locks, or open safes of any kind, we have the staff, equipment, and experience to provide residential or commercial locksmith services. We know the importance of a safe to a home or business owner, which is why we supply and install a full line of quality safes. From bolt down security safes to in-floor safes, we have the experience to install these products in the home or office. We can install safes of any size including Freestanding safes, from small household safes to large commercial safes Floor-standing safes which can be installed to suit floors in wood and concrete and are easily concealed, Bolt-down safes can be securely attached for temporary placement. We offer safe opening guarantee. We are the best locksmiths in Strathmore for safe installation. Forgotten combination codes, lost keys, electronic lock failure or general emergency lockout, we can open all safes and lockers of security to ensure that you retain confidence in your security

All-access issues and locks can be resolved quickly and efficiently by our expert locksmiths using trusted equipment. We can change locks, repair, and recode locks of all types of safes. We can open safes for residential and commercial use, including safes with: Combination locks, Key locks, Digital keypads. Whether we change the locks, re-code your safe, open the lock, or find the code, we can guarantee that your safe will be opened. By opening the safes, we can change the locks, recode the locks or replace the security system if necessary. If your system is old or obsolete, we can change or reinsert the locks depending on the application. With years of experience in the lock industry, we can also provide safe general maintenance and recommend annual maintenance to ensure your lock system is operating accordingly.

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