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Expert & Trusted Locksmith in Melbourne!

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Are you in search of an expert locksmith in Campbellfield who can rekey the locks of your property?


Customers often call us to ask that we want to “change the locks” or “need new locks”. There are many reasons why a customer requires their locks to be rekeyed, here are a few examples: The customer has
just moved into a new property and wants new keys, so the old keys no longer work. There is a situation where the keys have been issued to an individual that the owner of the property no longer wants to have access to the new building, therefore the keys are required. The locks have become clicky because the existing locks are worn and old. The building is either new construction or recently renovated and the occupant wants the locks changed as various builders have access to the property. The owner has lost the keys and requests the creation of new keys. If a customer requests new keys for their locks, our efficient locksmiths have several options to offer to help restore a higher level of security and peace of mind for the customer.

When a customer calls us, we are often able to reassure the customer that instead of changing the entire lock on a door, we can actually perform what is called “Rekey”. After a general discussion of customers’ requirements, we will often ask the customer to take photos of their locks and text or email them to us, so that we can determine what the door locks are before visiting the client. At “Kelly the Keyman”, we then use these images to make an accurate observation of the quality and style of the lock before visiting the client and to help provide accurate pricing over the phone. Once we have been able to determine what locks exist on a property, we can then recommend the Rekey service. When you rekey your existing locks, we’ll check a few details first. Another advantageous feature of a Rekey lock is that we can offer a “Keyed Alike” service. This means that we can recode all the locks with the same key profile to work from a single key. We can also retype your locks on a limited key system, we offer a highsecurity system called Secure 6. Installing or upgrading Secure 6 in your property improves the level of security of the doors, adds a keyed access control layer and we can master the property key to control access even more. We guarantee 100% customer satisfaction and we are the most sorted after locksmiths in Campbellfield. Call us on 0402664944 to find out more about how our local Locksmiths can help you.